DataLucent Inc. Core Principles

Welcome to DataLucent! Our Core Principles summarize how we think about data and content licensing and highlight our mission: to build products and services that put people in control of their data (“Producers”). For more information please see our Terms of Service (“Terms”). Any terms not defined here are as defined in the Terms.

Principle One

Every Producer assembles and owns compilations of their content and personal data through a Personal Data Service (“PDS”) that is under the Producer’s sole control and managed on their behalf by DataLucent.


Principle Two

Producers have the right and the means to control their Producer Data and to determine how their data are accessed, processed, shared, and commercialized.

Principle Three

Producers may capture and verify the provenance of their data. At each Producer’s discretion, any such data captured and exchanged through DataLucent will be verified as to its original source. Producers have the right to prove that they are the source of their data and identity.

Principle Four

Producers have the right to fully access their content and personal data, to understand whether and how their data is being processed, and to request copies of their content and data.

Principle Five

Producers have an expectation and a right to privacy and security.  Our systems presume that you do not want to be tracked so we will not sell advertising that tracks your data, aggregate and sell your data, or access your PDS unless you provide specific consent, we are required to do so by law or to perform and maintain the Services.

Principle Six

Producers have the right to benefits and rewards for their Producer Data on the terms they determine. All network participants agree to transact on an equal basis whether an individual, entity, an autonomous authority, an agent, or an autonomous organization.

Principle Seven

Producers, in accordance with the GDPR, have the right to be forgotten which means you can revoke access to your content and data and/or ask DataLucent to fully erase your content and data.

Principle Eight

All Producers have a right to commercial and legal symmetry. Producers opt-in to a system in which each Producer or their agent has the ability to transact, enter agreements, and enforce their respective rights with and against all other Producers (whether an individual or an entity).

Principle Nine

Producers can opt-in to receive notifications and offers from our network participants. You have the right to opt-out of this feature of the Services at any time.

Principle Ten

All PDS are completely portable. Any Producer can terminate at any time, move their credentials and data to another service and/or otherwise suspend their use of the DataLucent Service.